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Terms of Business

Bucks and Oxon Driver Training Codes of Practice

Bucks and Oxon Driver Training Terms and Conditions
This page consists of two sections:
1) Terms and Conditions for Private Clients
2) Terms and Conditions for Fleet Customers
It is the pledge of Bucks and Oxon Driver Training to abide by the Approved Driving Instructors code of practice at all times. Details of the Code of Practice can be found by logging onto:
http: ⁄ ⁄ www.driving.org ⁄ dia–code–of–conduct

Terms & Conditions – Private Clients
Fit for Driving
It is necessary that all clients are fit for their training sessions. This means being free from taking any medication that may warn of drowsiness or impair your driving performance.
It is recommended alcohol is not consumed the evening before a session. Please be aware that each unit takes a minimum of one hour to be processed from the blood system. Therefore, please ensure you are free of any effects alcohol may have in your blood system. If the presence of alcohol is detected your instructor will refuse to conduct the driving lesson and without reimbursement of funds.
General Health. It is the responsibility of the client to inform the trainer of any allergies ⁄ illnesses the client may suffer from, ie: asthma. Please bring relevant medication, ie: inhalers with you.

Bucks and Oxon Driver Training require minimum 7 days notice should you need to change or cancel your appointment. Failure to provide adequate notice for the cancellation of a training session may lead to the full charge being made for that training session being added to the next.

Adverse weather: Please do not assume your session is cancelled in the case of adverse weather, ie: snow. Your trainer will make a judgement based on the health and safety of the client, the trainer, the car and other road users. Should the client cancel, they may be subject to a cancellation fee as stated above.

Clients are required to pay 50% of their agreed session upon booking their first / or next appointment.
The balance is to be paid no later than seven days prior to the appointment.
(Failure to pay the deposit promptly may result in the appointment to not be reserved and offered to another client).
Bank details will be provided to transfer payment. (We can accept PayPal if preferred).
You will be prompted by text, WhatsApp or email when your payment is next due. Please make prompt payment once this message is received.
Failure to pay the balance promptly may result in the appointment to not be reserved and offered to another client and the deposit cannot be refunded.
(We do realise that things happen such as illness and other curveballs, so please do call or text as soon as you can).

The vehicle:
Coaching sessions will take place in the clients’ own vehicle. This must be legal and fit for purpose. Prior to commencement of on road sessions you will be asked to provide the vehicle details so the necessary on-line checks for MOT, Tax and Insurance can be done.

We will also check the vehicle on day for tyre wear and tear and lights etc. (We reserve the right to cancel, and charge should the vehicle fail these checks, so for peace of mind, help and guidance with tyre checking please visit: www.tyresafe.org

Corporate Business Clients

Sole Supply
The rates provided are based on Bucks and Oxon Driver Training being the only driver training supplier to the company.
Bucks and Oxon Driver Training require 10–working days notice if the client company has a need to postpone any workshops or on road training. Between 10 and 7 working days notice a charge of 50% of the training fees will be levied.
Cancellation of any training within 7 working days will be liable for the full cost of the training. It is recommended that should a member of staff know they are unable to attend the training session, the company should endeavour to find an alternative member of staff to take their place to avoid such charges.

Documents & Glasses
All members of staff undergoing on road training should provide their driving licence and ideally provide the registration details of the vehicle to enable the trainer to do
the necessary on line checks with appropriate .gov websites.
If glasses are worn by the delegate for driving, these should be worn for the training session.

Eye Sight Check
Bucks and Oxon Driver Training reserve the right to cancel and charge for training should a delegate fail an eye sight check. All drivers must be able to read a number plait from 20.5–meters away and this will take place prior to the training taking place. If this becomes the case, it is recommended that when possible another member of staff takes their place to avoid the charges.

Legal and Fit for Purpose
All delegates and vehicles should be fit for the training session they are attending. Buck and Oxon Driver Training reserve the right to cancel and charge for anyone or any if vehicle is found to be not fit for purpose, or legal to take part in on road training sessions.

Bucks and Oxon Driver Training require payment within 10–days of date of invoice. Payment by BACS is preferable and these details will be provided upon completion of the first days’ training. (Late payments will incur a 10% late payment charge.)