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It is with the greatest thanks that I didn‘t receive a ban. As you know I was stopped on the motorway travelling at 108mph. When the police caught up with me, after 2 miles, I was still travelling at 100mph.

Standing in court and listening to this statement getting read out in front of you reality begins to hit home. You expect the worst. When my lawyer presented your certificate of completion it was very clear the weight that it held. A decided change of body language from the JP concerned, all for the better.

I received 6 points on my licence and a £500 fine, incredible considering the speed I was doing. I can‘t thank you enough, due to your own skill, advice and expertise this has helped me greatly not only for the court case but greater knowledge as a driver.

Well at last, after 6 months of waiting, I can provide you with some feedback!! I appeared in court last Friday (7th) in Carlisle for all of 10 minutes after waiting for an hour in a grimy waiting room. Result; £465.00 fine and 6 points!!!!

No ban due to the fact that I had been on your driving course! Your report and other letters from my employer did the trick and I can count myself very lucky. So, a BIG thanks for helping me, were it not for the course I would now be at home twiddling my thumbs looking for a job. Thank you again.

Learning to drive with Diane was a very enjoyable experience. Having never been behind a wheel before I was a little daunted but from my first lesson I felt comfortable with Diane as an instructor, and trusted her judgement of my abilities. Diane was always encouraging – even when I had ‘blonde moments’ – and her use of self evaluation enabled me to critique my driving in and out of lessons, advancing my private learning as well. I would thoroughly recommend Diane as an instructor to anyone who is looking for someone to not only help them pass, but to also provide advanced driving knowledge and experience

From the moment we met Diane, I was reassured that we had made the right choice in driving instructors. Diane is very clear about her expectations from the learner driver and will not be hurried through a training programme.

The learner driver gains a rigorous and comprehensive training experience, where the priority is always safety first. The two hour driving lessons enables the learner to gain good experience in neighbouring towns and on a broad range of road types.

Diane is full of encouragement and support and in return expects full committment from the learner to drive safely. My son passed his driving test first time and is already an excellent, safe driver. I reccomend Diane to any one wishing to learn to drive – they will not find a better instructor.

Having had poor experience with a previous driving instructor I was referred to Diane through a friend. Right from the word “Go!” I was impressed by her advanced knowledge and found her kind, empathic and patient, she was able to suggest coping strategies for the specific difficulties I was having including nerves and lack of confidence.

Diane also endeavoured to take me to parts of my area that would challenge me to ensure that I would be able to drive in any situation and not just the test routes.

Diane maintains her professional integrity to the highest levels at all times whist making her student feel comfortable and at ease; I would highly recommend her to anyone learning to drive!

I am a nervous driver, following a series of small traffic incidents. Although I have been driving for a number of years I had a number of driving issues: Driving considerably slower than 50 miles an hour, nervous and unsure on roundabouts and driving on major roads. I was also concerned about driving my husband’s car which is considerably bigger than mine. Prior to working with Diane I had Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Hypnotism but neither worked.

I have been driving with Diane over a period of over a year. She has proved herself to be an excellent instructor. I am now driving confidently at 50 miles an hour, managing roundabouts effectively and driving my husband’s car regularly. My next set of lessons will be to tackle the major roads.

Diane has been able to appreciate the level of support required through careful observation and questioning. She encouraged and advised me, and I built up confidence in her lessons. Her technical advice, given in understandable stages, has enabled me to build up my driving skills and to maintain them.

In my own role as a trainer I have been impressed with Diane’s interpersonal skills in her driver training. I can fully recommend her as a driving instructor for building up lost confidence and in teaching achievable goals.