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Good news!

What could saving between 15 and 20 per cent of your annual fuel bill mean to you?  Whether you are a domestic or corporate driver, or you run a fleet the benefits are multiple and save much more than fuel and money.   

If you think Ecodriving means driving slow, then please think again.  In fact it's not unusual for average speeds to increase, together with average miles per gallon improving.  The benefits are even greater than this.  Less wear and tear, reduced stress levels to name a few.  Plus, there is in fact a direct correlation between fleets that embrace ecodriving and reduced collisions. 

The EST (Energy Savings Trust) are subsidising training for corporate and domestic drivers.  See the link and incorporate it into your driver training programme.

BAODT is a registered provider for the Ecodriving scheme with the Energy Savings Trust.


Energy Saving Trust - Approved ecodriving training

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